Vision Super is to implement the Acurity platform as its core registry administration system.

The super fund joins Clearview, Maritime Super, Tasplan & Quadrant and Pillar Administration who have all this year adopted the technology provided by Financial Synergy.

In a press release the popularity of the software was attributed to it high degree of configurability and the ability to introduce new mobile and digital service offerings.

Stephen Mackley, chief executive of Financial Synergy said: “It also provides Vision Super [with] improved efficiency and reduced legislative risk with most legislative changes provided for within the maintenance agreement.”

Stephen Rowe, chief executive of Vision Super, said the choice to implement Acurity was based on a range of challenges including cost effectiveness, efficiency levels and, importantly, best practice guidance on how to remain innovative for members and employers.

“With Financial Synergy we will be able to deliver levels of business transformation that were not possible on our previous platform,” Rowe said.

The transition timeframe to this platform is February-March next year.

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