Former deputy head of IFSA, Jo-Anne Bloch, has been named as the new chief of the FPA, replacing Kerrie Kelly who left the organisation two weeks ago, six months short of completing her three-year contract.

Bloch, who has been a consultant with Mercer HR Services UK since 2004, has a long, if mainly institutional, career in the financial services industry. As well as her IFSA role, which she held over 2002-2004, Bloch has had stints at NSP Buck, Macquarie Bank, Sedgwick Noble Lowndes and National Mutual Life. However, in a statement released late yesterday Bloch she said was looking forward to the FPA job. “I don’t under-estimate the challenge but anticipate the satisfaction that will come from working with and for members who represent the best of this profession,” she said. “Clearly, I have a solid foundation on which to build.” Corinna Dieters, FPA chair, said Bloch’s experience in the industry as well as in government positions made her ideally suited to the top FPA job. “Jo-Anne has an excellent grasp of the issues affecting financial planning and the FPA” Dieters said. “She was selected as the candidate best able to drive forward the Board’s agenda which continues to focus on professional standards with a view to increasing community confidence in financial planning.” Kelly announced her resignation last year to take up a role as head of the Insurance Council of Australia but continued in her role at the FPA until March 3, 2006.

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