Aegis Equities Research will externally market its ‘X-Model’ financial modelling software, after it was purchased by a number of broking and financial planning clients.

The marketing push will be spearheaded by Damien Klassen, currently the head of structured and alternative products research. X-Model was Aegis’ own proprietary system, but requests to install it from a number of clients inspired the firm to take it to the market, Klassen said. The software provides a financial modelling template which aggregates all the relevant forecasting, profit/loss and cashflow information for the listed entity being analysed, cutting down the time taken to produce a model from weeks to days, according to Klassen. “It takes all the mechanics out of it, it allows an analyst to get on with doing what they do best, which is asking what are costs doing, what are sales doing,’ he said. Klassen said Aegis were looking to add resources to the development and marketing teams to more aggressively market X-Model in the next financial year. The research departments of brokers and financial planning dealer groups are the target clients.

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