Treasury Asia Asset Management (TAAM) will announce two major UK-based clients next month after recently being allocated a $50 million mandate from Telstra Super.

Peter Sartori, TAAM chief investment officer, said he hoped to eventually have a 50/50 split between local clients and offshore clients. “It was always our plan to get some clients from overseas. It just gives you a balanced business,” he said. The two UK clients will significantly boost TAAM’s funds under management which are now well over $100 million. TAAM was launched almost a year ago. The boutique fund manager, which is 42 per cent owned by Treasury Group, has been focusing its offshore activities in the UK, rather than the US. The TAAM New Asia Fund was launched last December and currently has $16 million in funds under management but TAAM also has a number of separate mandates and Sartori said he would announce total funds under management for the group next month. “We’re extremely happy to pick up a client of the quality of Telstra Super,” he said.

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