SuperRatings has acquired a controlling interest in its web-building service provider and rolled out two web-based member tools for super fund sites.

The fund research and ratings firm has a acquired a majority stake in Toowards Pty Ltd, a web design and development company started by Stuart Edwards and Tim Toohey in 1997. The company also builds financial caluclators and comparators as well as customer and content management systems. Jeff Bresnahan, SuperRatings managing director, said the two companies had been working together for the past two years and his company wanted to ensure continuity in the development of new web-based services. The two new tools for funds are a “RateMySuper/RateMyPension” comparison tool and an accumulation and retirement calculator. The comparator can be tailored on content and display, allowing funds to differentiate their competitive advantages to members. First clients are AGEST and MTAA Super. The retirement calculator can also be tailored, allowing users to vary insurance premiums, input multiple career breaks, vary retirement income as well as contributions and returns assumptions. First clients are Health Super, Cbus and InTrust.

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