Rogerscasey, the international research partner for Intech Investment Consulting, has launched its first multi-manager offering in Australia – an ESG strategy.

The offering, called ‘Global Sustainable Solutions’, is available as a separate account for large funds or as an offshore co-mingled vehicle.

Tim Barron, Rogerscasey’s chief executive, is planning to visit Australia during the CMSF conference this month and to meet with several super funds which have expressed interest in the product.

He said last week: "We believe our ESG-oriented research process has identified a unique blend of investment strategists that have successfully integrated analysis of financial and sustainability factors in structuring portfolios. Our multi-managed program is being reviewed by a consultant and we have meetings planned with a trustee board and several investment management committees of super funds."

The ESG strategy involves managers who use positive screens – seeking companies committed to sustainable and responsible investment practices. It aims for similar risk/return parameters as mainstream mandates.

"Global Sustainable Solutions represents a move to provide Australian investors with direct access to Rogerscasey’s broader solutions that are focused on assisting investors to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment," Barron said.

"The worst thing an investor can do now is to not embrace the notion of sustainability and the importance of change for our world. Some time in the not-too-distant future we think it will be considered fiduciarily irresponsible not to include sustainability as a core investing principle."

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