For the first time in 20 years, Westscheme is taking out a sizable marketing campaign, using radio jingles to alert members to upcoming mailouts.

In collaboration with the creative team at radio station Mix 94.5, the fund has developed a campaign, including the use of a jingle, that will be used alongside a strategic advertising campaign in mid-August. Spokesperson at the $2 billion fund, Roley Myers, said the fund was looking to use more creative ways to draw the attention of members to the fund. “;Our member feedback has showed they want to be alerted to member communication, and these ads will cue them into the fact they’re about to receive something,”; he said. “;We will use the radio jingle, and print ads, not to attract new members but to educate current members especially around the time of mailouts.”; The fund will conduct its bi-annual member satisfaction survey in October this year and will test the advertising response at that time. Myers said this was the first time the fund had done something like this, and the key driver was to keep the costs low.

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