SSgA is the investment management arm of State Street Corporation.  Founded in 1792, State Street is the leading provider of services to sophisticated global investors. 

State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) is the largest institutional fund management company in the world with US$1.4 trillion in assets under management as of March 31, 2009.  Size plus leadership and global reach allows flexibility, attention to detail, and economies of scale unthinkable at smaller firms.  Our indexing heritage and innovative tools have contributed to our explosive growth since our inception in 1978.  It is our continued focus on client needs and their demand for new products that have spurred the creation of our full spectrum of investment solutions and an impressive list of industry firsts.

We are committed to our clients and to ensuring that a partnership is created and preserved.  This focus translates to a solutions-based approach in providing clients with the best research, technology and investment options. Our clients are as diverse as they are exacting, and include corporations, public funds, endowments and foundations and third party distributors.

SSgA has a history of innovation in developing its broad array of strategies, ranging from passive and enhanced index strategies to active equity and bond strategies and further out on the risk/return spectrum to alternative investment strategies.

Our services include:

Active and Enhanced Equity
Passive Equity
Fixed Income and Cash Management
Asset Allocation
Currency Management
Alternative Strategies
Real Estate
Custody Services
Transition Management
Securities Lending
Sub-Advisory Services
Fiduciary Services

SSgA has a presence in 16 countries and 25 cities worldwide including our Global Alliance offices, as of March 31, 2009.

As a firm, we believe in applying the appropriate investment approach for each client and consistently and efficiently delivering on that promise.  Certainly, all of the capital markets exhibit inefficiencies to one degree or another.  Whether or not these inefficiencies can be exploited depends upon the degree of the inefficiency, the cost of attempting to capture these inefficiencies, and the accuracy of the forecasting process.  What matters most, however, is meeting the needs of our clients.

It has been our experience that a successful investor must have access to a wide array of investment solutions, including passive, enhanced, and active management, and be able to apply them across the global markets in a consistent and cost-effective manner.  As an investment manager, SSgA stands ready to apply elegant, yet transparent investment solutions that seek to meet the unique needs of our clients, regardless of asset class and risk parameters.

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